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H2Ography ~ Undersea Images by Dave Conner

Dave started taking photos underwater almost as soon as he began his dive career a short 15 years ago. Rapidly advancing to the ranks of a dive professional, Dave occasionally works as a Divemaster for a charter dive boat in Monterey Ca where he enjoys working with other divers and in general being an ambassador for the sport sharing his love and enthusiasm of it with all he comes in contact with.
His true love underwater, however has always been in photography. What started as a vehicle for "Show and Tell" of his adventures to friends who weren't involved in diving rapidly progressed to an all out effort to improve his skills and find the perfect shot. (For which he's still looking)

Ordering Information:
Prints are available in a variety of styles and mounting options.
Contact Dave at h2ography@hotmail.com for a price list and information on the different mounting styles available.


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Underwater images from around the coast of California

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The Carribean

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Solomon Islands

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